Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fabulous Finds From France

This one is adorable!!!! its a prayer book for a little girl. The name is also written on the first page. I really don't know much about where this came from either England or France but its beyond beautiful. I just had to share this with you before logging of for the night Bon Nuit.

Another one from France, however this one is made from venetian glass beads. Words cannot describe this one I wore it the day I brought it and everybody stopped me to ask me where I got my statement piece. It is the color the simplicity of the cross and medal. What else can I say!!!!!

This Rosary is so special the details on the cross the color combination of silver and gold and the medals (there are 6) and the best part of this Rosary is that it is in Coral. This one is so delicate and beautiful that I am falling short of words to describe it .... but picture speaks a thousand words they say so here you go ...

This one is a beauty, I have rarely ever seen a book pendant so regal and beautiful. The enamel on this is in perfect condition and the pages inside are mounted. The book itself depicts the history of the cross and the back of the book has a bouquet of roses. très beau

Saint Theresa Photo Pendant antique and massive. This one is sheer overwhelming measuring at almost 6cm in Length also listed on my Etsy store

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  1. These rosaries are especially beautiful!
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