Monday, 17 August 2009

My First Post!!!!!!

Hello to all my dear friends and a special hello to dear Nancy without whom my blog would not be possible. My love for the old and the beautiful has been nurtured under your loving care and without Gilding the Lily Vintage and you I would seriously be lost. I have been meaning to blog now for sometime ever since I have set up my own little etsy store, but kept putting it off because blogging seemed so overwhelming. But now here I am all ready to share with all you creative souls out there my treasures and finds some from my own personal collection and some from my London and Paris flea market excursions. I for some reasons am always at a loss for words when I need to sit down and write so I think I will do most of my talking to you through pictures. For those of you who dont know me I am from the Fullerton area of California, and have studied engineering and fashion(I know dynamic combination ain't it) and now design fashion accessories in my little studio in London. I have always looked towards history for my love of design and over the years collected trunks full of stuff unimaginable and beautiful. This "stuff" that I have collected got so out of hand that I had to share it with others through my Etsy store. England and France are treasure troves for such beautiful antiques and I regularly visit the markets here to get inspirations for my future collection and for my Etsy store. I would love to share with you my finds of the week on this blog - not many words mind you just pictures!!

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