Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Items For The Week On Etsy -- (Aug 23rd 2009)

Another beauty from my French Religious collection. This brooch has amazing details and the paste stones are a great contrast to the color of the metal. Also the relief on the brooch itself is very beautiful.

What a fabulous treasure this one is from Italy and is really substantial. All from sterling silver and cut glass crystals, the rosary also has two tiny silver enameled medals. The workmanship on this rosary is amazing right from the chain to the crucifix the finish is perfect. This rosary dates back to 1940.

Another French religious destash: This one is a religious destash of one beautiful pearl Ave Maria rosary, brooch from Lourdes, 12 religious medals one of which is sterling(the blue enamel one) and three of which are in pairs so will be great to make earrings, a book charm and some rondells.

Another one of my treasured finds although this brooch seems to have some Czech influence because of the filigree work but this one is so beautiful specially the cameo. The cameo is glass and is in very good antique condition. This brooch is from the 1920s

Hello everyone... what with my busy schedule at work/studio and all that I decided that the best way to feature my lots will be to give you a taster here before I put them on Etsy. This one is going on today (wishful thinking).... hope you enjoy the visual just like I loved photographing it. This has a bit of everything that a designer needs a bit of this and a bit of that .... but it has an amazing retable reliquary and rosary from France and of course French religious medal 2 big and one tiny (none are aluminum) two crosses one opens... the one with little pearl. It also has some paste buttons and pieces.... check this one on Etsy. I will try updating this post throughout the week with new featured items. Have a nice week you guys ... bub eye for now


  1. Very nice! Congratulation for being featured this week on etsy!


  2. Thanks Constance
    Your comments are much appreciated, kind and encouraging