Friday, 1 October 2010

New Treasures For October First Week.

Oh my god October is already here and I feel excited for the holiday season at the same time sad that another year is passing by so quickly, guess the saying "Time And Tides Waits For No Man" is so so true. I keep reminding my self to update the blog and store but these last 4 months have been absolutely busy. I was so knackered with my work that all I really wanted to do was just sleep sleep sleep. No flea markets ... no treasure hunts just sleep. Well since this last week I am back to my flea ways of treasure hunting so keep an eye on the store and this blog for treasures coming your way. Some of my treasures for this week:

Monday, 6 September 2010

Beautiful Findings Just For Your Jewelry Projects

Specially designed by Mmefedanesbrocante these chains are signature designer chains pre-made to use in your jewelry projects. Most of them can be used as necklaces and are also available as layering necklaces from my jewelry store These are all made from high quality components.
Iridescent purple Sacred Heart rosary chain .... Sacred Heart Are Sterling
Silver toned Sacred Heart rosary chain
Old Haskell gunmetal baroque mixed with bead caps and rhinestone findings .... very decadent
Matt white crystal rosary with Miraculous Mary connectors, sapphire rondelles and rhinestone findings .... very fresh
Fabulous silver toned book chain
Beautiful Old Elongated Baroque With Paste Leaf Connectors
Pale gold, ruby and rhinestone beads combination.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Introduction to My New Bijoux Site

These are some of the images of my new jewelry line that you can find at:

After A Long Hiatus .... Hello Again

Hello my dear friends ..... yes was gone missing for some time but I am back again updating this blog with treasures trinkets and finds. Its been a long year for me at mmefedanesbrocante. I have met many many beautiful people along my journey in this one year and each one of you have made my experience of owning this store very beautiful. A very heartfelt thank you to all my customers. Getting inspired by you all, I have started creating a little bit of my own jewelry with my finds and trinkets which sells under the label OUATV (huh what) ...Once Upon A Time Vintage found at

Here are some featured finds for the week for mmefedanesbrocante ... some chains, some repurposed jewelry and some finds for you to play with.

Beautiful Sky Blue Beads With Old Paste Leaf Connectors And Rhinestone Rondelle Beads

Mother Mary Paste And Filigree Pendant With Sterling Victorian French Chain

Monday, 7 December 2009

Treasures For This Week

Some fabulous finds this week are my Georgian and Victorian finds. I found the most adorble paste hearts one is Georgian (the samller one) and the other is Victorian (this has paste on both sides). This come to me from a private collector who is scaling down her beauties and retiring. These are personal hierlooms which also include a beautiful Victorian crescent brooch and two paste stars ... one of the stars seems to be silver but as is typical of that period nothing was marked. Let these beauties dazzel you jewelry projects or if are a collector then these are a very precious find. These will be available on My Etsy soon ...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Treasures For This Week

Hello, Bonjour, Bonjourno ... to all my dear friends. Have I been busy these past few weeks or what. My little studio is now being a part of history as its coming down to be built into a carpark and restaurant for the 2012 Olympics. So moving and packing for me has been quite an ordeal. On a more interesting note, I have so many treasures to share with you, most of these will be available on my etsy store. If there is anything you love in particular please convo me and let me know. Right upto Christmas I will be featuring some fabulous finds so do check in from time to time and tell me what you think of these finds.
Here are some for this week:

Paste treasures from the Georgian and Victorian period with gorgeous bezel chains.

Beautiful antique Victorian watch chain - a collector's treasure

Rare Victorian lady's vesta match box - very beautiful, this belonged to my friend's great grandmother and she was half english half french ...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Taste of Treasures This Week

Sorry my friends I was a tad busy and really ignored my blog this past month. Well the idea of blogging is to share with everyone my finds of the week and so from now on I will try staying true to this and blog at least once a week. Anyways having said that I have to share this amazing French paste Ex Voto Sacred Heart I found ... this one is almost 200 years old and is spellboundinly beautiful. It opens from the back and has a big locket like compartment. Ex Votos like these apparantly are super rare and on reasearching I found that some of them are true collectables and go for as high as $2500 and honestly the ones I found were not half as blingalacious as this one I have. Here is a peek at this Blingalacious Beauty.

Some other bling bling beauties I found are two paste crosses, three paste birds and a beautiful paste pendant and crescent brooch with a painted miniature on ivory. All these pieces are beautiful and from the early Victorian period ... oooo I almost forgot about the shell paste piece. Enjoy the pics while I sign off for now ... my heart and soul needs to warm up cause its brrrrrrr in my lovely Londra.