Friday, 21 August 2009

Every Saturday out for my favorite walk with a cuppa cappucino .....

Hi everybody, been bit of busy lately what with the Etsy store and all .... including meeting up with friends for a drink ..... working on my collection (handbags, yes will post them when ready) ... dining out with my dahling hubby cause don't have time to cook. Anyways I just wanted to share my favorite Saturday morning walk with my cuppa cappuccino. Portebello known as Vintage heaven its absolutely amazing and trust me on a quiet day you could bump into John Galliano and the likes all scavenging for finds to inspire them to design. I am no different, I revel myself in the 100 stalls that sell bags, clothes, fur and of course then there is Jeff's vintage store "One Of A Kind" where every celebrity worth her name from here and across the pond has gone to shop. Very expensive he sells everything over 300 pounds, I know a bit much but the stuff is legendary - a piece of fashion history. He is always welcoming and if he really likes you he will take you to his very private secret room which is like Alibaba's cave treasures, treasures and more treasures. Come out of his store and you are yet dazzled, but the guys outside are also very reasonable and good. You could practically find all of EU here with people from various countries with their stalls. I love it out here because I sometimes find that just the one bag which helps me design my collection around it. Portebello has some antique, fine jewelry but mostly its bric baks that people collect. For me its a nice way to relax my walk starts at 9am and ends at 4pm, time flies and I normally tend to lose 1kg of my weight which I regain after gorging at Teahouse in the nearby London's answer to Upper East Side: Notting Hill area

Portebello in a nutsell....

Goofy I know but I love this image!!!!

The Teapot arcade as I call it has amazing finds but one needs loadsa cash to buy any. Hmmmmm.

My favorite .... HANDBAGS!!!!


Oooo La La... the music, what can I say it makes shopping a amazing experience. This is why I say my Portebello walk is the best excercise of the week.

Don't feel like walking drive right into the market, Only in Portebello can that happen.

Oh he was Knackered that day so that why the grumpy look normally he is pleasant as can be trust moi !!!!

Yes its pretty crowded. The Market is this one long winding street which starts from antiques and ends up at the vegetable market. I just walk up and down the antique part but the food stalls (another part) is also worth venturing into. You get delicious savory and sweet crepes and all the road side yummies that I just cannot resist. Then there are umpteen cafes to .....


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks like heaven! I'm so glad you took the time to write on my blog. I love your blog and etsy store! can't wait to read more and shop with you.

  2. Thanks Tami ... will try updating this blog with new finds