Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Treasures For This Week

Beautiful gems to complete the look of your beautiful jewelry pieces. I use these in my product development for my designs and they have been sourced from the best gem manufacturers in India and are of grade A quality. There are strands of Rubies, Garnets, Lapis, Emeralds, pink and pale blue chalcedony ..... and many more. These are available to buy on my Etsy store. Convo me on my Etsy if you are interested in more than what I am selling .....It will be my pleasure to help you.

Austrian Bezel Cut necklace from the 1930s. These are rare. This one is filled with the bezel cut stones and they are so clear and yet in pristine condition. This one is from my PC (personal collection) and will be available in my Etsy Store soon.

Talking about France how can I not show off my french religious finds: Two things of interest are the retable reliquary and the mother of pearl pendant with the fluer-de-lis. The retable does not have any doors that open but its not very big so can be used as a jewelry focal. Its just too beautiful and the relief is so clear, this one will be available on my etsy store soon. The fluer-de -lis pendant is very special the details on that one are amazing. Its a very substantial size and weighty too.

My French connection ....... everything is so very beautiful, I just love antique french this and that

Czechoslovakian rhinestone cross from the 1930s. The stones are so, so, beautiful that you remain spellbound. I found this one in Netherlands at a local flea market. The cross is not tiny by any means. Substantial this one will make a great jewelry focal. This may just land in my Etsy Store very soon. Stay tuned

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