Monday, 17 August 2009

My Featured Finds For The Week

Tre Beau, this is so beautiful. I loved this button on sight. Again found on my flea market expedition in Paris. This button is French paste with a portrait. Its hard to come by these paste portrait buttons but they sure will make an amazing focul on any jewlery.

Another Bird ... I love them. This one I got from a Paris flea market and looks to be much later than the Victorian/Edwardian period but its nevertheless gorgeous.

Another paste beauty from the Victorian period ....... I think these paste pieces in this condition are so rare and difficult to find.

Oh my god this one is a true beauty and again in mint condition. Love the look of the soaring bird again from the Victorian/Edwardian period. I love this paste piece. This one is so substantial, the sheer size and shine just dazzles you.

This cross is really amazing. Found it in Florence near the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. The color of the mosaic are so vivid and the design so different than the ones seen from that time. This cross shows Pope Pius XI and is from the 1910 - 1920s. I was told that these crosses are very rare. It was the beauty of this one that got to me ..... love it.

This is a very rare victorian paste buckle in impeccable condition almost mint for an antique almost hundred years old. Will be a great focal point on some jewelry. Wow a true beauty!!!!

French paste pendent/brooch fabulous and rare!!!! Mother of pearl center and the size of this piece is very substantial. One look at this one and I fell in love with this beauty.

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