Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Taste of Treasures This Week

Sorry my friends I was a tad busy and really ignored my blog this past month. Well the idea of blogging is to share with everyone my finds of the week and so from now on I will try staying true to this and blog at least once a week. Anyways having said that I have to share this amazing French paste Ex Voto Sacred Heart I found ... this one is almost 200 years old and is spellboundinly beautiful. It opens from the back and has a big locket like compartment. Ex Votos like these apparantly are super rare and on reasearching I found that some of them are true collectables and go for as high as $2500 and honestly the ones I found were not half as blingalacious as this one I have. Here is a peek at this Blingalacious Beauty.

Some other bling bling beauties I found are two paste crosses, three paste birds and a beautiful paste pendant and crescent brooch with a painted miniature on ivory. All these pieces are beautiful and from the early Victorian period ... oooo I almost forgot about the shell paste piece. Enjoy the pics while I sign off for now ... my heart and soul needs to warm up cause its brrrrrrr in my lovely Londra.


  1. Dear Mdm. F.
    This French paste sacred heart is sublime! Amazing find!

  2. Your paste Sacred heart is CRAZY GORGEOUS
    Maya!!! what a fun treasure to have, Don't ever sell it!!